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How do I download movies to my iOS device?

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2012 07:28PM PDT
To download your UltraViolet movies to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, make sure you are using Flixster app version 5.0 or above. Sign into the Flixster or Facebook account linked to UltraViolet, then go to the Home tab (iPhone/iPod Touch) or My Movies tab (iPad). Tap on the movie you want to download, then on the purple Download button on the next page. Once the download is complete, you'll watch it from the Flixster app. Tap on Watch Now, and the app will default to offline viewing.

Please note the following:
  1. Movies take up a lot of room on your device, probably a minimum of 500MB. Keep this in mind before downloading.
  2. It will take awhile to download the entire movie (an average of 30 minutes to one hour), especially if you are using 3G or a weak wifi connection. Plan accordingly!
  3. If you close the app for more than ten minutes, the download will pause.
To delete a movie you have downloaded, go to your Collection page on the app and tap on the movie you'd like to delete. Tap on the purple Download button, then on "Edit" at the upper right on the next page. Click on the red "-" button, and confirm that you want to delete.